TopSurgeons team

The investigators

Antoine DUCLOS (Full professor, MD-PhD, Principal Investigator)

Pr. Duclos’s work contributes to improving the public hospitals care by measuring, interpreting and controlling surgical outcomes. This includes the development of indicators and graphical tools to guide surgical teams towards a better understanding of their outcomes. It also involves exploring the surgeons’ performance curve throughout their careers with the aim of identifying factors that can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of surgical management.

Scientific publications on PubMed: here.

Jean-Christophe LIFANTE (Full professor, MD-PhD, General Surgery)

Pr. Lifante is carrying out his clinical activity in digestive and endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroids, adrenal glands and pancreas). His research activity focuses on the measurement of quality in surgery around several axes: the measurement of the performance of surgeons, the search for factors affecting this performance, in particular human and organizational factors, the evaluation of teamwork and safety in the operating room.

Scientific publications on PubMed: here.

Other team members


François CHOLLET, MPH (Data Analyst)


Quentin CORDIER, MPH (Statistician)


Simon DUCARROZ, PhD (Epidemiologist, Post-Doc)


Jean-Baptiste FASSIER, MD-PhD (Occupationnal Medicine Hospital Practictioner, Qualitative Methods expert)


Stéphanie MAZZA, PhD (Full Professor in Neuropsychology, Sleep expert)


Léa PASCAL, PhD Student (Statistician, Doctoral Student)


Arnaud PASQUER, MD (Surgeon, Doctoral Student)


Stéphanie POLAZZI, MSc (Data Analyst, Data Manager)


Hugo PRIEUR, MSc (Data Analyst)


Amandine REY, PhD (Assistant Professor in Neuropsychology, Sleep expert)


Sarah SKINNER, PhD (Physiologist, Post-Doc)


Laurent VILLENEUVE, PhD (Clinical Study coordinator, Data Collection Manager)

Participating surgeons


Pr Lionel BADET, Urologic Surgery


Dr Lucie BONIN, Gynecological Surgery


Dr Damien CARNICELLI, Urologic Surgery


Dr Philippe CHAUDIER, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr Eddy COTTE, General & Digestive Surgery


Pr Sébastien CROUZET, Urologic Surgery


Dr Hassan DEMIAN, General & Digestive Surgery


Pr Fadi FARHAT, Cardiac Surgery


Dr Yves FRANCOIS, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Romain GORIOUX, Orthopedic Surgery


Dr Stanislas GUNST, Orthopedic Surgery


Dr Nathalie HOEN, Gynecological Surgery


Dr Vahan KEPENEKIAN, General & Digestive Surgery


Pr Gery LAMBLIN, Gynecological Surgery


Pr Mickael LESURTEL, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Lucie LOUBOUTIN, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr Sébastien LUSTIG, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr Jean-Yves MABRUT, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Laure MAILLARD, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Jean-Michel MAURY, Thoracic Surgery


Pr Kayvan MOHKAM, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Nicolas MOREL-JOURNEL, Urologic Surgery


Pr Erdogan NOHUZ, Gynecological Surgery


Pr Jean-Fançois OBADIA, Cardiac Surgery


Pr Guillaume PASSOT, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Elise PELASCINI, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Charles-André PHILIP, Gynecological Surgery


Dr Vincent PIBAROT, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr Gilles PONCET, General & Digestive Surgery


Dr Matteo POZZI, Cardiac Surgery


Pr Maud ROBERT, General & Digestive Surgery


Pr Frédéric RONGIERAS, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr Alain RUFFION, Urologic Surgery


Pr Elvire SERVIEN, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr François TRONC, Thoracic Surgery


Dr Anthony VISTE, Orthopedic Surgery


Pr Marco VOLA, Cardiac Surgery

Dr Sophie WAREMBOURG, Gynecological Surgery